Tyranny of the body

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This is the page from my intimate diary, red album. Images appear in it as answers to big questions like these — what makes intelligence intelligent? What if the conscious mind is possible only inside the living body, as an answer to the question of survival? And is the desire to be free from reality the very reason that makes me dream my beloved naive dream, at the end of which I do not exist?
But I am here. I’m alone. I’m inside of myself, and around it is you know what? That’s right, me. And my dream is real only while I’m asleep. So I continue.


I’ve used my old acrylic on canvas work as underpainting layer in procreate. It was fun! There is some process:

Little Red

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This is the little copy of “Red Queen” painting made by me. You can order the most of my pictures this way — as a print or a copy on canvas. Base price for the
print (A4) USD 15, for canvas (40×40 cm) USD 150.

To get your own piece of art for your walls — send me a letter with picture you like and I make something you will adore.

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