I work as an illustrator for magazines, books, clothes, newspapers, packages and everything you might think of. My clients are Vogue, Gala, Playboy, FHM, Afisha, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Jaloise magazines, Nivea, Coca-cola, Raiffeisen, Megafon and others.

Also I’m a co-founder Futurico and work there every single day.

My sweetest friend Jovan wrote a nice testimony ten years ago and it’s still true.

Nastia is a wonderful person who currently lives in Moscow, Russia, and she’s working as an illustrator and graphic designer because she sort of loves doing that.
And, coming to think about it, that alone makes her quite a successful young lady if you ask me. Yes, I do know that nobody ever asks me, but the whole story about one doing what one loves and lives happy because of that actually does sound believable. So, here’s unexpected bit of free advice — «if you don’t like moving boxes, you shouldn’t be in the box-moving industry». You just quit that and you’ll be as happy as she is, that’s for sure.

Anyway, we really should get back to her story. As you probably don’t know, since you had no way of finding that out, in the past she had changed some of occupations and places. She traveled around a lot, smiling politely and stating that «meeting people is easy» and «hey, now, that’s just zany!». She studied graphic design in Moscow academy of prints and celebrated that by having a remarkably red hairdo for three consecutive years. Also, she worked for a whole bunch of different companies around the world, which were unusually happy while she was there with them and a lot less happy after she would leave. Oh, and she considers herself to be a tornado expert because she lived in Germany for couple of years and there’s nobody currently here to prevent her from claiming she’s a tornado expert.
On this site you can have a look at her various works. That, actually, is the purpose of it, so I don’t really know why did you bother reading all this. Also, I planned to say something about her work here, but unfortunately it turned out that I don’t have any first hand experience with this whole «looking at other people work and judging it» thing. Besides, I don’t really want to go into how great her work is since my opinion would be kind of preconceived and biassed. Just bear in mind that pictures you’ll find here will blow your socks so far off that they will fly all the way around the earth and hit you in the back and then blow off socks that you put on while they were flying around the earth.
Feel free to contact her anytime. She’s always interested in good jobs and projects. Or so I’m told. Besides, she’s just nice to people and loves chatting about things.